4.22 | Lucifer Rising


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twelve x rose human nature au - inspired by gallifreyslostson’s awesome verse

(There’s a small part of him that’s feeling the same deja vu he had when he met her, like the taste and feel of her is somehow as familiar as it is new, but he puts it down to the fact that they seem to fit inexplicably well, that they’ve found an effortless rhythm without the trial and error it would take others.  Because they’re just that fucking incredible together.)

get to know me meme: [3/5] female characters →  Amy Pond 


"I’m curious. What couldn’t wait until our next session?"
"We don’t have a next session. I am no longer your therapist."
"May I ask why?"


*admires you from a distance but never does anything to indicate that i want to be your friend*

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